Some Old Ways of Thinking EP

by Birth of Flower

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Recorded and mastered by Will Killingsworth at Dead Air Studios July 30, 2016


released August 10, 2016

Terry: drums
Jeremiah: bass, words
Tom: guitar



all rights reserved
Track Name: Restraint
Wringing out the elasticity of an idea that only took a name to become visible to yourself, others, and its author. Strain in your work works as a restraint.
Track Name: Some Old Ways of Thinking
I thought about Gaddis's line, "You can change a line without touching it." Playing to the left hand, it's a kind of rhythm abstract. Projects and points of view were private--I didn't know what they were called. Like peeling the words off of the world, it's impossible, so I settle for a new name for some old ways of thinking.

We stopped in front of the flowers displayed at the grocery store, and you turned and said to me, "See the hydrangeas? Some say the color's just a property of the thing. Others say that it's in our heads, or a relation between the mind and the world. Or one could say this is all bullshit." Enlightened, empowered, I just took it as another new name for some old ways of thinking. We're always giving new names to our old ways of thinking.
Track Name: The Great Mime
Evading the world knots, he said to me, "You look awfully serious." When he smiles and nods, he tells me to knock the act off. But from thoughtlessness comes the unforgivable. To you, I'm a great mime.

I cannot evade the world knots. That is to say, I can't live a thoughtless life. So I don't smile and nod--I want to tell you, "Knock the act off." So, please, knock it off.
Track Name: Dreamland
Late one night, I was driving down Farmington Avenue and the lights from the signs of liquor stores, pharmacies, and the food chains were all fantastic reds, blues, and greens. And traffic lights blinked yellow like evanescent lanterns and it all reminded me I cruising through the one place I dreamed I'd once escape: dreamland. Don't go back to dreamland.